Inspiration for the Agency uniform's jacket. The embroidery represents emblazons.

An Agency uniform is an outfit worn by Agents in Metal Shadow Prelude. It is a black and white suite and tie with special properties in the jacket called emblazons. It was designed by Niccoli Evomnestra.

Throughout the course of the Prelude variations of the outfit have been donned by different characters, namely Noa Rylie who wore a long skirt with her outfit, Agent Lair who wore shorts and high stockings, and Agents Elf, Rail, and Ex, in addition to Lair, who wore a black shirt instead of white, signifying their rank as elite Agents. Noa and Rail are the only characters known to choose heeled footwear for their outfit, with Noa explicitly choosing hers because she opted for a ceremonial set.

The emblazons mostly activate automatically. Some must be activated manually. Their functions include: allowing Agents to breathe underwater, regulating their body heat to protect them from adverse climate, paralyzing the Agents for disciplinary measures, and healing them. The healing emblazon activates via the use of whylit orbs and requires a skilled practitioner.

The fake Van dons a similar suit and tie, his shirt being maroon, but it is not an Agency-issue outfit. Despite Purgia having a modernized setting, some characters have remarked that this style of clothing is very exclusively from the mainland.


  • The outfit was inspired by the Turks from Final Fantasy VII. Despite living in a fantasy setting, they wore modern clothing and used modern weapons.
  • Though Niccoli designed the suit, he never wore one himself.
    • Ironically, the one time the fake Van donned the suit, he became a victim to its paralyzation feature.