Agent Ziare
Art by nickroblesart
Gender Male
Height 6'4"
Birthday 83 EE
Died 102 EE (age 19)
Birth Place Purgia, Ende
Debut Prelude Ch.4
Final Prelude Ch.51

Agent Ziare (zai-AIR) is one of the major supporting characters in Metal Shadow Prelude. His real name is Zion Gamsleigh (ZEE-on GAHMZ-lee). He was a staple member of The Agency’s Elf Squad before he died at the hands of the Three Queens. Though the clumsiest Agent in the group, it was he who assassinated Dr. Dragon. He is now one of Gineden's nine heroes destined to battle the Black God in their next life.




Ziare is perhaps the tallest person in Ende, standing at over six-and-a-half feet. His body is lean but his muscles are lithe, he has large hands and feet, and his skin tone is deep brown. His hair is black and styled into shoulder-length braids, which he keeps out of his face with a headband. His eyes are a startling light brown.


Ziare is a well-intentioned young man with a clumsy disposition. Though an experienced Agent, and a member of Elf Squad besides, he blunders his way through most missions in the Prelude, often at the expense of his comrades' safety. He remains indispensible because of his telepathic abilities and infiltration skills, and when he puts his mind to it, he comes through when it counts.

Battle StyleEdit

Ziare is a perfectly balanced unit, yet also unremarkable in any area. His main utility is in supporting his team with telepathic abilities. He has some experience with infiltration.


  • Telepathy speak
  • Telepathic detection


  • Emblazon-tracer phone


  • Ziare is based on one of the author's friends -- more specifically, on a character that friend invented by the same name and appearance.