Anikae Shyrlie
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Birthday 53 EE (age 49)
Birth Place Hometown, Ende
Debut Prelude Ch.3
Final Prelude Ch.50
Anikae Shyrlie is a minor turned major supporting character in Metal Shadow Prelude. She was a friend of Vantrekke Yuba and his wife prior to the start of the story; during the story she introduces Van to the Agency to help him find his wife's missing body.

She turns out to be Lad Wydnie's adoptive mother who gave Lad away to help further Niccoli's goals. She disappears during the battle between the extended Elf Squad and Dr. Dragon and his wives, then is rumored to have been taken captive by the wives.


  • Anikae was an improvised character in the original drafts of the Prelude, designed to fill in the role of an expositionist and the carrier of several plot devices. The author elevated her role in subsequent drafts because he felt like the story demanded more of her. In all drafts, she has been one of his favorite characters.