Aralkad Esmonde
Art by yy6242
Nickname(s) "Ara"

"Director Esmonde"

Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Birthday 1260 PME (age 58)
Birth Place Argonde City, Sixth Sky
Debut Chapter One

"The Long March South"

Final Chapter Seventeen

"Loveless Jury"

Aralkad Esmonde (AH-ruhl-KAD EHZ-muhnd) is a major supporting character in Metal Shadow. He is a man who fled south from the Sixth-Seventh conflict with his family. He eventually became the leader of a massive group of refugees also fleeing from the conflict.


He used to be a router before the events of the story. He passed on his skills to the refugees so they could help themselves and others survive the wilderness. In doing so, he became their defacto leader.

He meets Lloyde upon his return to Deep Kuralle two years after it was bombed. He helps Lloyde run for director. When Lloyde comes under suspicion for killing Branke Oden, Aralkad is taken to trial and charged with conspiring alongside Lloyde.


He is a kind, charismatic, humorous individual. Like many supporting characters, he does not receive much in the way of a physical description. He is described as past his prime, portly, and with a large, unruly beard. After Deep Kuralle's bombing, he gained a long scar across the left side of his face.

Though most of Deep Kuralle places their trust in Aralkad, they are quick to accuse him of conspiring with Lloyde to kill Branke and Chorre—Aralkad's own brother.


  • "Aralkad Esmonde" was one of the many names series protagonist Lloyde Esmonde had in Metal Shadow's previous drafts.