The Dead South Routers are a group of routers in the Metal Shadow universe. Comprised of an unspecified several dozen men, they are the troupe which attacked Deep Kuralle and kidnapped its young. Their captain is Lan Rennekkie.

The routers had been hired as a third party unit by SCAI on a mission to recover missing refugees of the Sixth-Seventh conflict. They were given SCAI armor and weaponry for the task, but whether any members of SCAI themselves joined the group for accountability purposes is unknown. They journeyed into the Hollowlands at their leader's suggestion. At the sight of the colony, Lan thought it was armed with weapons and ordered it bombed. His men went along with the order when they realized they could get away with it.

The men blew up Deep Kuralle, then kidnapped its children and began fleeing west. Isonno Rennekkie infiltrated the group and caused enough havoc to allow the children to escape. Lan recognized Isonno and ordered all his men after the boy. At the Shaenkai Cross, they crossed paths with Adrock, who defeated the men to save the helpless Isonno. Lloyde came to the scene afterward and didn't find a single of the routers still alive.