Deep Kuralle is a setting and an alliegance group in the Metal Shadow universe. The group is comprised of refugees of the Sixth-Seventh conflict. They live in a colony hidden in a forest in the Hollowlands.


The colony was created in the year 6 NE shortly after the start of the Sixth-Seventh conflict. A massive group of refugees from around the Sixth Sky led by Aralkad Esmonde found ruins deep in the Hollowlands and decided to settle there instead of continuing running. They named it "Deep", which means "house" in the Old Tongue, and "Kuralle", after the place where it all started for the Esmonde family. A small deepe protected the colony from the local beastie.

Ten years later, Deep Kuralle was a thriving town. It had a populace numbering in the thousands, and had developed a modern standard of living. It had houses, schools, offices, and was in the midst of developing numerous buildings for purposes unexplained.

A committee called the Iema Gear Committee was formed upon the discovery of magic artifacts inside the deepe; their goal was to develop the weapons for use in ending the Sixth-Seventh conflict. Local Shepherdists opposed the committee because they saw the weapons as works of evil.

The colony was bombed by the Dead South Routers. Two thirds of its populace died, but it survives to this day.


  • Deep Kuralle is loosely inspired by certain street settings in Europe, including those of Ancient Rome.