Art by GG

A half-man is a type of beastie in Metal Shadow. It first appeared in Metal Shadow Prelude, where a group of them were pursuing Noa Rylie.


It is the beastie which most closely resembles humans, having every feature of a typical human but a face. It is said to steal human faces and voices. It has strange body movements likened to that of a snake. It often travels in groups.

The ones pursuing Noa were emissaries of the Clandestined. Their pack was as large as every person Noa had killed throughout her life. Whether all half-men follow this principle was not detailed in the Prelude, though the fact that Dr. Dragon's half-men were the size of an entire army suggests so.


The Red Threat is accompanied by an army of half-men looking very similar to mummies. They wear battle skirts and are otherwise covered completely in blood-stained bandages.