Lad Wydnie
Art by omupied
Gender Male
Height 6'0"
Birthday 72 EE
Died 102 EE (age 30)
Birth Place Hometown, Ende
Debut Prelude Ch.2
Final Prelude Ch.51

Lad Wydnie (LAHD WID-nee), previously Vantrekke Yuba (VAHN-trek YOO-buh), or simply Van (VAHN), is the deuteragonist of Metal Shadow Prelude. He died a member of the original Liberation Front, came back to life with his father's memories, then died again fighting the Three Queens and Dr. Dragon. He is now one of Gineden's nine heroes, destined to battle the Black God in his next life.




The fake Van is physically larger than most characters in the series, though his body is more lithe than bulky. His skin is fair with a dark tint, and he appears younger than he should. He has purple hair and eyes, a feature which has been remarked upon numerous times by other characters. He suspects it came from releasing Godden from his tomb. Prior to releasing Godden he had red hair and brown eyes.

Because this fake never questioned his appearance, it can be assumed the real Van shared similar features.


The fake Van is initially a desperate, depressed man. When he joins the hunt for Noa, he becomes cynical and arrogant, though he also displays unwavering determination to achieve his goal. Following Niccoli's betrayal, he loses his facade and becomes gentle toward Noa, though he briefly picks up his bravado again while conversing with Gineden.


  • Agent "Shadow" was Agent S in the original draft of Metal Shadow Prelude.
  • Van actually made no physical appearances during the Prelude arc. It was Lad all along doing the hunt for Noa; the real Van only appeared in flashbacks by different characters.
  • His appearance and personality were originally inspired by K' from the King of Fighters video game series.