Lan Rennekkie (LAHN REH-neh-KEE) is a deceased antagonistic character in Metal Shadow. He was an affiliate of SCAI who was sent with his mercenary troupe, the Dead South Routers, on a mission to recover refugees of the Sixth-Seventh conflict. He was killed by his son, Isonno Rennekkie.


When Lan and his men discover Deep Kuralle, he decides it is a hostile group, and despite suspecting there to be refugees inside, orders the colony bombed. His plan was to rescue the refugees and blame the bombing on Kuralle.

He encounters a complication when he discovers Isonno among the refugees. He orders all his men to chase the boy. Adrock appears and saves Isonno by killing Lan's crew. Lan then reveals to Isonno he is his father, but that spurs the boy into killing Lan. Lan dies hugging his son.


He is described as being of average height, bulky, with a gruff-looking face with blue eyes. He wears SCAI-issued coat and arms with a captain's insignia on his hat. He is a wisecracking man with a Seventhman's accent, but also sadistic.