The Liberation Front is a rebel organization in Metal Shadow Prelude. The organization's activities during the Prelude revolved around bringing down the Clandestined and the Great Pyramid Vault after Noa Rylie fled her throne. They clashed with two of the Three Queens in Purgia and never appeared in the story afterward. The soldiers used noticeably advanced technology in their escapade, including the deployment of armored bipedal mechas.

Prior to the events of the Prelude, the Front had different leaders and operations. The original Front was formed by Arcouda Mackie and Niccoli Evomnestra with the goal of defending the realm from the Clandestined. They began to meet their end when trying to dethrone Noa, but didn't fully fall until its generals were converted into Agents while trying to revive Lad Wydnie. How the new Front took over the name was never detailed in the Prelude.

All of Gineden's nine heroes are tied to the original Front.