Lloyde Esmonde
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Birthday 0.0 NE (age 18)
Birth Place North Point, Sixth Sky
Debut Chapter One

"The Long March South"

Final Recurring

Lloyde Esmonde (LOYD EHZ-muhnd) is the protagonist of Metal Shadow. He is a young man from Deep Kuralle who is exiled by his people for allegedly murdering a fellow colonist. He sets out on a journey to find the people responsible for framing him and finds a cursed sword which grants him supernatural powers.


Lloyde is the nephew of Aralkad Esmonde and Chorre Esmonde. In the year 6 NE, when he was six years old, he and his uncles fled Annals City to avoid the imminent Sixth-Seventh conflict. While roaming south they adopted Isonno, then were joined by thousands of refugees also fleeing the war. The refugees settled in the Hollowlands and formed the hidden colony of Deep Kuralle.

For the next ten years Lloyde was trained in high-grade militaristic warfare, standard beastie combat, as well as the leadership of his peers due to being the nephew of the colony's top directors. He formed part of a love triangle between Isonno and Claudia Melodie, which he sorely regretted on behalf of his troubled brother. Most of the colony appreciated him very much, to the extent that when he returned after a two-year absence, they encouraged him to run for the then-vacant seat on the colony's board of directors.


Lloyde is tall and gangly. He has a deep-tanned complexion, jet black hair, and silvery eyes. He has a strong sense of discipline and duty to his colony, and knows how to be personable, but his suspicious nature leaves him isolated to all but his closest friends. He knows advanced martial arts, advanced methods of deduction, and military strategy from his training in Deep Kuralle.


  • Lloyde's surname in the original drafts of Metal Shadow was "Tragne" (TRAYN), an anagram of the word "Garnet".
  • His name, appearance, and personality were probably originally inspired by Lloyd from the Playstation video game The Legend of Dragoon. The most recent and significant inspiration for him, however, is Squall from Final Fantasy VIII.
  • His eye color changes between black and silver between drafts. His skin was originally fair, but changed to a middle-eastern tan for two reasons: 1) to give the story a protagonist of color, and 2) to place him of Fifth Sky descent.