Morival Sinclaire
Art by Julie Dillon
Gender Female
Height 5'8"
Birthday 1248.5.35 PME

(age 70)

Birth Place Draia Bardis, Fifth Sky
Debut Chapter Twelve

"An Old Friend and a Burial"

Final Chapter Thirteen

"Demonstration Round"

Morival Sinclaire is an enigmatic character in Metal Shadow. She is an old friend of Deep Kuralle who travels around with a curious band of adventurers.


She first appears on the day of Chorre's funeral, claiming she intended to pay her respects. Lloyde and Claudia later overhear her and Aralkad talking about a curious event occuring at the Hollowlands in two days. That was the real reason she had returned to the colony.

She leaves with her band during the military finals. She gives Lloyde a gold coin before she departs.


Morival is of average height, dark-skinned, with light brown eyes and long hair styled into braids. She carries a commanding aura and has a raspy, but motherly voice.


Her first outfit is a set of red robes with a short, exotic cut, and dark slippers.


  • Morival's personality and appearance are inspired by Yoruichi from Bleach.