Nedo-Sasa Inspiration

Inspiration for Nedo-Sasa

Nedo-Sasa (NAY-doh SAH-sah) is a fictional creature that appears in Metal Shadow. Its name is Old Tongue for "he who cries" (lit. Cry-Man).

Lloyde meets this creature in a castle in the woods while wandering the Hollowlands on the run from Deep Kuralle. The creature itself turns out to be a poltergeist; it is the creature's sword who is really "Nedo-Sasa." Nedo-Sasa created the illusion so Lloyde would grasp it and unwittingly make a pact that he would wield the sword forever or else forfeit his soul. The weapon gladly attacks Lloyde's soul the moment he discards it.

Vantrekke Yuba claims the weapon within the soul with ease, then uses it to take control of Lloyde's soul himself.


  • Debut: Metal Shadow, Ch.19: The Castle in the Woods
  • Type: Possessor (true form); Bipedal (poltergeist)
  • Appearance: Black two-handed sword (true form); poltergeist resembles Taurs, but slightly taller and skinner
  • Abilities: None known
  • Habits: Said to be a collector of souls