Inspiration for a SCAI soldier's desert uniform. Art by victter-le-fou

The Southern Coalition of Armed Investigators, commonly referred to as SCAI or the Coalition, is a fictional defense organization in the Metal Shadow universe.


SCAI formed in the year 1296 PME in response to rampant human rights violations made by the Sixth Sky's ruling body, the Royal Armada, throughout the past two hundred years. The Coalition brought down the Armada through the use of espionage and economic disbarment, which allowed international court to prosecute and ultimately arrest its major leaders for their criminal offenses.

Following this, SCAI rose to power through corporate takeover of other defense organizations; many of its current board members are the former leaders of the Armada and its alliance network. SCAI also developed an advanced series of defense technologies under the guise of furthering international routing initiatives. These technologies, whose secrets are heavily guarded, have brought SCAI a steady income and unparalleled military strength, despite banning the use of money and weaponry through the Sixth Sky.

It established itself as the leading power in all of Gilta Nnea when it declared the New Era calendar in the year 1300 PME.

Notable StaffEdit

Founder/Chairman/CEO: Eyel Evomnestra

Vice Chairman: Siegel Evomnestra

Chief of Staff: Unknown

Head of Glas Kingdom Operations: Unknown