The Sixth-Seventh conflict is a historic event in the Metal Shadow universe. It is a war which broke out between the Sixth Sky and the Seventh Sky in the year 6 NE.

The incident is the culmination of years of distrust between the Seventh Sky and the Southern Coalition of Armed Investigators. Prior to the start of the war, ascenders had been attacking the Seventh Sky in patterns which indicated they were coming directly from the Sixth Sky. While this was happening, the Sixth Sky witnessed its longest period in history without an ascender attack. The Seventh thus placed the blame on SCAI for the attacks, and retaliated by invading Terrus Point. This marked the start of the conflict.

Since then, countless Sixthmen living near the Sixth-Seventh border have been stranded in the Midlands and lower. SCAI claims the ascender attacks are The Red Threat's doing, but as they cannot (or would not) provide proof of his existence, the claim remains highly unpopular.

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